Exhibition Mall Ambassador
Kamis-Jumat, 26 Februari-6 Maret 2015 Pukul: 10:00 wib-18:00 wib Booth C Mall Ambassador Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Jakarta Selatan
Tunjukan kreativitasmu dalam lomba design brosur produk furniture kantor datascrip menangkan smart phone ASUS Zenfone 4S untuk 3 orang pemenang

Datascrip as a marketing and distribution company is trusted by well known brands from abroad to establish OEM partnerships and market their products in the Indonesian market. These strong partnerships are built upon years of trust based on the recognition of technical competencies which Datascrip posesses.

These relationships give us a strong leverage to provide a wide range of specific quality needs for segmented markets in Indonesia. Appropriate and ergonomical utilization of interior design and office furniture elements will help to optimize organization performance. The correct use of functional and ergonomically designed office furniture will also create an inspiring working atmosphere that motivates and improves workers’ performance.

Toward this end, the quality of products chosen is directly related to the investment costs that a company is willing to spend. The use of cheap and low quality products initially to minimize costs will ultimately cause greater cost outlays in replacing these products as well as major disruptions in working environments. Although somewhat intangible, the latter can actually be even more detrimental to overall company performance.

The Office Furniture & Filing System Division of pt Datascrip strive to provide the best service to its customers by offering integrated office solutions to optimize work. We provide the best table and chair systems to archival requirements. Our principals abroad and locally support us in providing integrated solutions for all your office needs. We begin by providing consulting services for our clients and customers in planning and choosing the appropriate furniture and archival systems for their particular needs and go all the way to shipping as well as installing the products on site by our expert and professional teams. Our after sales services are also guaranteed and widely distributed to service customers in numerous major cities of Indonesia.

At PT Datascrip, we are committed to total customer satisfaction.

Datascrip menyediakan solusi penataan ruang kerja/kantor dan pemilihan perangkat kerja yang tepat berupa meja, kursi, partisi, sarana kearsipan, penyimpanan dan lain-lain dengan kualitas terbaik serta jaminan layanan purnajual yang handal. Kami sudah berpengalaman memberikan solusi yang memuaskan bagi ribuan pelanggan dari berbagai sektor (government, public company, private company, multinational company dan lain-lain).
Exhibition Mall Ambassador
Kamis-Jumat, 26 Februari-6 Maret 2015 Pukul: 10:00 wib-18:00 wib Booth C Mall Ambassador Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Jakarta Selatan
kami hadir untuk melengkapi kebutuhan RACK SERVER anda di INDOCOMTECH (Jakarta convention Center)
Market launch of SWING UP This new take on the swivel chair offers unprecedented mobility possibilities
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